xml-rpc aufruf auf helma

set XMLRPC_PORT=8082

XmlRpcAccess = MemberMgr.createAccount
XmlRpcHandlerName = *

function createAccount(usr, masterAccountID) {

members = mountpoint(MemberMgr)


import java.util.Vector;
import helma.xmlrpc.*;

public class JavaClient {
// The location of our server.
private final static String server_url = “localhost”;
public static void main(String[] args) {
try {
// Create an object to represent our server.
XmlRpcClient server = new XmlRpcClient(server_url, 8082);
// Build our parameter list.
Vector params = new Vector();
params.addElement(new Integer(5));
params.addElement(new Integer(3));

// Call the server, and get our result.
// this only works with Root mountpoints
Object o = server.execute(“members.createAccount”, params);
System.out.println(“result: ” + o);
catch (XmlRpcException exception) {
System.err.println(“JavaClient: XML-RPC Fault #” +
Integer.toString(exception.code) + “: ” +
catch (Exception e) {

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One Response to xml-rpc aufruf auf helma

  1. Webagentur says:

    Ich verstehe das nicht ganz …. was ist dieses xml-rpc? Hat das was mit Pingdiensten zu tun?

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