My Talks in 2020

This year I try to concentrate more on specific feminist events due to my work at Women And Code and Feed The Troll.

The following conferences / workshops / meetups are planed:

Women And Code Workshop on 31.1.

My talks in 2019


This year I’d like to speak at less event and focus only on a few special one. This is because I founded Women And Code which limits my free time to speak at conferences! is an event series where we introduce women* to programming. Check it out here!

This year the following conferences / meetups are planed:

And yet there is more to come…

Last year I was also quite busy speaking publicly.


Top 10 Ultimate meaningful gifts

This might come a bit as a shock but I’m an atheist :-O (always was, raised that way) and I simply don’t celebrate X-Mas. If you do, please keep in mind to invest in some MEANINGFUL gifts for your family and friends!


Ultimate meaningful gifts collection:
(everything also last minute available, you can buy everything online!

  1. Intensive-Workshop for Programming Voucher with Women And Code in cooperation with Business Riot Series
  2. Feminist book “No More Bullshit” by Sorority
  3. Wine Box by g’schickter wein Lucia Lagger
  4. Photography workshops by Cliff Kapatais
  5. Expat Magazine Metropole Subscription by Maggie Childs
  6. IT Book “Understanding SEO” by Franz Enzenhofer
  7. Feminist Magazine An.Schläge Subscription
  8. Online Seminar “Bitcoin & Co sicher nutzen” or IT Book “Bitcoin & Co” by Anita Posch
  9. SciFi Book “Ran[s/d]om Death” by Klaudia Zotzmann-Koch
  10. DIY Workshop at werksalon by Antoinette Rhomberg


Feel free to share!

Upcoming talks in 2017

My talk at the CodeMotion Rome conference

This year I already talked at:

  • Talk – Bots Berlin Meetup – 1.2.2017 – Berlin
  • Talk – AICR – 23.1. – Vienna
  • Podium – DerBrutkasten Roundtable – 16.3. – Vienna / Online
  • Talk – Digitalk / Digital Society – 15.3. – Vienna

Upcoming confirmed tour dates:

  • TV Discussion – W24 Spezial – „Medien 4.0 – Wiens Blogger- & Youtube-Szene“
  • Talk – CodeMotion Rome – 24.3. – Rome
  • Panel discussion MobileMonday #34 – 27.3. – Vienna
  • Talk – Copenhagen Bot Meetup – 30.3. – Vienna
  • Lecture – FH Joanneum – 11.4. – Graz
  • Talk – ELEVATE – 20.4. – Vienna
  • Panel discussion – Pizza Beer Mobile – 25.4. – Vienna
  • Talk – – 29.4. – Vienna
  • Interview – Brutkasten – 29.4. – Vienna Online
  • Breakout-Session „Digitales Marketing & eCommerce“ – „The Digital Enterprise“ conference – 4.5. – Vienna
  • Talk – Linuxwochen – 5.5. – Vienna
  • Talk – TechSummit – 11.5. – Bratislava
  • Talk – Disrupt Cyprus Meetup – 16.5. – Cypus
  • Talk – London Tech Week TechXLR8 – 14.6. – London
  • Non-stop pitching ;) at the GIN goHongKong program – 19.6.-10.7. – Hong Kong / China / Taiwan
  • Podium Discussion – Chatbot Summit – 26.6. – Berlin
  • Talk “Anatomy Of Chatbots Users Will Love” – Bots-Meetup-Oslo – 5.7. – Oslo (remote)
  • Podium Chatbot Q&A – 4.9. – sektor5, Vienna
  • Panel – The Chatbot Conference – 12.9. – San Francisco
  • Round Table – „Frauen in der Start-up Welt“ – 13.9. – Wien
  • Ö1 Radio Punkt Eins Social Bots – 20.9. – Wien
  • Austrian Chinese Business Association – 20.9. –  Wien
  • Podiumsdiskussion “Frauensache IT” – 27.9. Wien
  • Talk – The BACKEND Talks – 28.9. – Vienna
  • Talk “Developing Cross-Platform Chatbots” – Developer Circle Vienna – 2.10. – Vienna
  • Virtuelle Zukunftstrends – 3.10. – NJoy Radio (German)
  • Talk “Probleme mit E-Voting” – Privacy Week – 28.10. – Vienna
  • PodiumFuturezone Days “Künstliche Intelligenz” – 9.11. – Vienna
  • AI Panel, BAI Themenabend – Bank Gutmann – 15.11. – Vienna
  • Talk – Symposium “Meet the Bot. Feed the Bot” – 16.11./17.11. – Linz
  • Panel/Seminar “Start me up Monday: Chatbots” – FH Technikum – 4.12. – Vienna

Mica, the Hipster Cat Bot on Tour

Lately I got a little bit PR for Mica, the Hipster Cat Bot, but I also attended a couple of meetups with my new chatbot:

Vienna Bots Meetup #2

On 24.6. I was presenting Mica as a showcase at the 2nd Bots Meetup in Vienna.

Vienna Bots Meetup (2)Vienna Bots Meetup (1)


BotsHackathon Vienna

One day later at the first BotsHackathon I was mentor / couch / judge.

Coaches & Team of the Bots Hackathon
Finishing ceremony


 Austrian Startups Stammtisch

On 19.7. I’m going to present at the Austrian Startups Stammtisch in Sektor5.



Further upcoming Tour Dates:

Launch of Mica, the Hipster Cat Bot


A week ago I launched Mica on Product Hunt. Mica, the Hipster Cat is one of the first bots that got approved by Facebook to run on the brand new Facebook Messenger platform that helps you discover hip venues. You can talk to Mica here 😼.

What is a Chat Bot?

A Chat Bot is a (ro)bot that is programmed to talk to you and answer requests. The topic depends on the business’ focus and could be a weather forecast bot, (online-)shop assistant bot, or a hotel reservation bot, but in our case it’s a venue recommendation bot.

Poncho, a weather bot, on Facebook Messenger (left) and The Economist bot on Line app (right)

Bots could also replace regular services of bigger companies such as service hotlines or FAQs, which would lead to massive cost savings.

You don’t need to install a specific app to use a bot because it is integrated in the chat provider infrastructure such as Messenger, WhatsApp or Telegram.

Meet Mica

I love fancy coffee shops and restaurants! I spend lots of time hanging out in them, meeting friends or working, and I have my own favorite hipster locations where I know the coffee and vibe is just perfect. So I thought it would be great fun to have a chat bot that shares my love for good coffee and food that can be asked for recommendations worldwide.

This way whenever I want to try a new café or when I travel somewhere, I know, I can ask my trusted companion about her suggestions.

Here are a few screenshots that illustrate how interacting with Mica feels like:

Mica on Android

You can send her your location as city name or Facebook Messenger attachment and you can also use some basic chat phrases such as”Hello”, “How are you?” or “Thank you”

Mica on iOS

Since the Messenger platform is platform-independent Mica can also be used in the browser itself:

Mica in a browser

Mica on Product Hunt

So how did the Product Hunt launch go? Quite well actually! Since Mica is a fairly simple bot I did not expect that it would get a lot of attention. But I clearly underestimated the Product Hunt community’s enthusiasm for cats and coffee.

User comment on Product Hunt

What happened since the launch?

  • #1 in the Product Hunt category Facebook and Travel
  • Over 2.500 hipster location recommendations given
  • 400 funny cat pics sent
#1 on Product Hunt

Key learnings about the Facebook Messenger Platform

Building a bot for the Facebook Messenger platform was way easier than I expected. It just took me two afternoons to get to a simple proof of concept. Now that Mica is white-listed 900 million users of Facebook Messenger can get coffee shop and restaurant recommendations without having to go to any app store. They can just directly interact with Mica.

This might not sound like a huge deal but just a few months ago I also built location based recommendation apps for iOS and Android. One big adoption barrier for apps is that you have to get people to the app store to download your app. If your app is not mission critical this is even more difficult. The whole process of downloading apps is quite complicated for many people. It often means they might have to enter a password or figure out how to free up storage by deleting other apps. Because of that some people don’t use any apps apart from what comes pre-installed or what other people helped them to get onto their phone.

By building on top of the Messenger platform a lot of adoption barriers suddenly disappear.

Another key learning for me was that most people are still quite unfamiliar with the idea of a bot within chat platforms (yet). Most people expect that they have to download an app and are very surprised about the fact that they can just directly send messages to Mica. I’m curious how fast bots will become mainstream.

What’s next?

I’m currently working on a Telegram bot to cover its users too — they recently announced to serve 100M monthly active users.

These are quite exciting times, building one of the first bots feels a bit like building the first mobile applications back in the day when the app stores where still empty. If you haven’t yet I’d encourage you to try some bots and think about what kind of bot you would build.

So keep in touch and chat! :)

Try me: ;) (click!)

Note: No app install needed, everyone with a Facebook account can chat with me! Just tell me your city!

ps. I’ve uploaded some screenshots of Mica and the other bots here.


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Two Weeks After The Launch Of Our LIKE A HIPSTER App – Insights In Continuous Delivery


Kathrin already wrote about our first week, so I take the chance to update you on our second week after the launch of our LIKE A HIPSTER app.

It’s now been two weeks since our mobile app LIKE A HIPSTER hit the app store. LIKE A HIPSTER is a SOcial LOcal MObile app, that helps users find venues with a hipster vibe in their neighborhood. We pretty much went:

  • From idea to prototype in 3 hours
  • From prototype to launch in 24 hours
  • From launch to world domination in 7 days 14 days

So it was quite an exciting time and I want to share some thoughts I had during the past two weeks.

What’s Your Niche?

Have you ever watched Big Bang Theory? If yes, then you probably have a pretty good idea of what my life looks like at the moment. I (the Ami) have a temporary roommate. Her name is Kathrin and she’s a marketing guru, and the Penny (Don’t tell her I said that!).

Two weeks ago we had lunch together in one of our favorite restaurants and we discussed my current project the Hungry? app, a restaurant finder app based on the Foursquare and Yelp APIs I wrote because I got used to and bored of my common eateries and I wanted to discover new places resp. I wanted to get good restaurant recommendations when traveling. So I asked Kathrin about her opinion on the app and she said, that she likes it but she would not use it but use directly the Foursquare or Yelp apps instead. She would use it if there was some special attribute available… such as… (she glanced around in the restaurant)… hipster places! Suddenly our eyes popped and we got very excited about the idea, so we went home and started working on the “Hipster project”.

Let’s do this!

So we went home and I forked the source code of the Hungry? app. Kathrin did some research on a hipster logo and after a quick hack in Photoshop our corporate identity was fixed: pink, unicorn + cat = caticorn / unicat.

My first idea was to make a spin-off of the Hungry? app and to name the app “Hipster?” but Kathrin had a better idea and found out that was not taken. So she setup a Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram account – later also a YouTube channel.

She also found a street art picture under CC license with a lumber-sexual guy and we adopted him as our “Hipster Oida” (literally “old hipster guy”) – our ambassador and face of LIKE A HIPSTER.


After forking the code I rebranded it, changed the colors and icons, added “hipster” as search term to the API calls, and set up the Google Play Store page.

We quickly launched the website, app, and other social media channels until the end of the day.

nexus5 (2) nexus5 (3) nexus5 (1)

Some insights and highlights:

  • Kathrin and I know each other already for some years but we never worked together. So it was thrilling to find out that we totally have the same working pace and enthusiasm about this project.
  • Kathrin’s texting skills were amazing! Just check out our website. We were sitting at my tiny kitchen table – I did the technical stuff, Kathrin wrote the pages for the website – every couple of minutes she started giggling about what she currently wrote. Especially our Testimonials site.
  • My Photoshop skills weren’t that bad as I thought.
  • We chose to give both of us the roles “C*O” because we actually did everything. Except our Head of Communication should become my cat Mica – because diversity.
  • Since I am a Java / Android developer I was not able to quickly produce an iOS app, so we decided to add a nice quirky joke to our website: We added an iOS download button but it links to a Nexus 5 in the Amazon webstore – meaning: “Looking for the iOS app? Get an Android phone instead!”

The Results Are In!

On the next day was my birthday and Kathrin surprised me with the app being featured on Product Hunt which was pretty cool – some people say Product Hunt is the next Tech Crunch…

We decided to be as transparent as possible about our processes so I set up a blog to write about our progress and share some insights. I also configured some ads for our app with Goolge AdWords with a Mickey Mouse budget of 5€ per day.

Kathrin wrote a (for my taste far too serious) press release and finally we received press coverage in

Additionally Singapore Airlines asked us if they could feature our app in their monthly magazine Silverkris!

And we got some really funny reviews in the Google Play Store and other reactions on twitter. My favorite:

I was (and am still) totally overwelmed with this positive feedback we got for our app. My key learnings:

  • You can NOT force your friends to upvote your on Product Hunt or review your beloved app on Google Play Store – unluckily some just don’t care (enough). I really didn’t expect that!
  • We got more revenue from the Amazon Link joke than with the app ads.
  • Finally we got “employees” (somehow): Besides my cat who works for cat food we bought an animated logo from fiverr (employee #4)

    and a pretty cool YouTube video (employee #5) that explains our app’s user interface (with music from
  • We had a photo shooting with Cliff because for press coverage we needed pictures of us two without holding a beer in our hands. But it turned out, that it was not such a good idea to take pictures of our tired 9 o’clock selves. So I think we should make some other pictures soon.

The brave 500

And than on Oct 13 it happened: We hit the 500 app downloads mark!


As I already mentioned we bootstrap our business and have no money what so ever but our private money to invest. Besides the 5€ a day marketing budget on Google AdWords I installed some cross-app “in house” promotions which are for free in AdMob. So on Hungry? there are ads for LIKE A HIPSTER and vice versa. And as you could see in the graph above we gained approx. 40-50 users each day. (I launched Hungry? two weeks earlier so I got about 630 downloads there so far – interestingly both apps are performing quite alike, although we thought that the user groups are different.)

And I figured out I love performance marketing. Some numbers:

  • We currently have an average of 60-70 active users per day.
  • 5 Best performing countries besides Austria

    • United States
    • Iraq (I really don’t know why!?)
    • Morocco
    • Bangladesh
    • Canada
  • Facebook ads are quite cheesy because we didn’t see any conversions there! So we disabled them again
  • Amazon earnings so far: ~75$
  • AdMob earnings: ~15€
  • AdWords spendings: ~75€


And Now?

Implement new features (rework of the UI to better match Material Design is done) and try to monitarize the app further. Catching good press coverage and submitting the app to app review sites. And I really need to take off a week or two to implement the iOS app – we’ve obviously got a really high demand for iOS.

Continuous Delivery

One word (or two) about Continuous Delivery.

Continuity in delivery could be boon and bane. I try to release new versions with freshly handmade features as quickly to the market as possible. Meaning that the app needs to be updated every couple of days.

One of the downsides is that sometimes I release too early and unintentionally add some bugs (currently performance issues). Or the users got kind of used to old features and are now confronted with new ones (as with the Material Design makeover).

But as I always say: If you don’t continue enhancing your apps and stop developing, they die!

And I won’t let our baby die! So keep tuned for new features.