My talks in 2018


This year I already talked at:



And there is yet more to come…

Last year I was also quite busy speaking publicly.


My C​onferences 2016

This year I gave a bunch of different talks, mainly on these three topics:

  • Ionic & AngularJS
  • Chatbots
  • E-Voting
Speaking at the WebClearks Meetup

Here you’ll find a list of the 20 meetups and  conferences I was talking at:

– Vienna 12.12. Panel Discussion Female Founders

– Online 7.12. BotsCamp “Lessons learned creating a virtual personality” Video Slides

– Riga 1.12. DevTernity “Insights into Chatbot Development – Implementing Cross-Platform Chatbots” Video Slides

– Wien 28.11. CryptoParty Meetup “Risiken von E-Voting” Slides

– Wien 24.11. Vienna Valley Meetup “Chatbots vs. Apps – An Overview” Slides

– Wien 5.11. DevFest “Insights into Chatbot Development – Implementing Cross-Platform Chatbots” Video Slides

– Brussels 1.11. Startup Live Seminar “The Austrian Chatbot Ecosystem” Slides

– Wien 27.10. Privacy Week “Data Security And Privacy Of Chatbots” Video Slides

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– Wien 24.10. Web Clerks Meetup “Best Practices At Implementing A Cross Platform Chatbot” Slides

– Austin 28.9. Talkabot “A Success Story – Mica, the Hipster Cat Bot” Video Slides

– Linz 11.9. Ars Electronica “Chemistry of Intelligence” (Panel) Video

– Wien 19.7. Austrian Startup Stammtisch (Panel) “Product Launch – the first step in rocket science”

– Wien 28.6. Demo Night Meetup (Show Case / Demo)

– Wien 24.6. Vienna Bots Meetup “A Success Story – Mica, the Hipster Cat Bot”

– Berlin 13.7. TOA Satelite Meetup (Podium Pascale)

– Wien 11.5. AngularJS Meetup “Simple Mobile Development With Ionic” Slides

– Wien 27.4. ViennaJS Meetup “Simple Mobile Development With Iconic” Video Slides

– Bratislava 17.3. Rubyslava Meetup “From Java to AngularJS (without pain)” Video

– JQuery 5.12. Conf Berlin “From Java to AngularJS (without pain)” Slides